Timber Modern in Sydney, Australia

I guess I don’t have to say that timber is very present in this house with subtle dashes… But it totally plays well with the pale walls, in fact it also creates contrast. I mean, the first thing that I noticed almost ride away was the living room.  By the way, the office gives me such a calming and stress free vibe! I’d sure love to work in there. My most favorite thing aboute this house is the master’s timber balcony. Like, the most gracefull thing ever! I’d LOVE to eat breakfast in there. It really is a piece of architecture! The choices of the garden plants were also pretty smart, the rocks gives it this kind of warm feeling. And I have to be honest, it’s like a mini private oasis. I love both bathrooms, especially the black one. It kind of highlights the areas/things you use in the bathroom, plus, the dark walls gives it a lot of glamour! There is just one thing that I don’t totally agree with, and that is the white bathroom window. Yeah, there is one, look closer in the coner of the bathtub. I get it, ok, I just wouldn’t find myself using it…












Photos: MCKArchitects Via: Airows

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