This Apartment Is Literally To Hot For You

Scandinavian style is on fire right now! Almost every “new” house I find has a Scandinavian style… But this house was “old”, it was renovated into this beauty! If you want to see the before shots click here. And I’m sure you want to see it! It was such a renovation! It has nothing to do of what it is now! And by the way, the roof is original. I mean can you belive it!? The bedroom went from cheap apartment room to super divine. The bathroom is also completely different of what it was before. That door kills me, it is so gorgeous! It would be a pleasure to make dinner every single day in that kitchen. Literally, so invinting because it stands out of all of the other things! Speaking of kitchen, the living room also has this little look at me elements that makes our eyes flows so much! And lets not forget about the WOW factor! Yeah, it has an effin sauna! Oh my god, like, I can’t even explain… Even the sauna transmits this “clean” sence, and it also has a Scandinavian style!

Photos by Michael Graydon & Nikole Herriott for Dwell
Via: Dwell

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