Pale & Sleek Nordic House

This gourgeous long white cabinet actually hides the dishwasher and the hoven. I really thought the plates and pans we’re stored there too, but afterwards they aren’t.  They are stored in that rustic cabinet which is the pop factor in this kitchen. Can we all take a moment to talk about that living room drawing hanging on top of the sofa? It looks like it was all drawned by blue bic pens! A-MA-ZING! Oh, and what about the bedroom ceiling lamp!? I LOVE IT! It is so original, I mean all cords? Could it be more perfect? It doesn’t ocupate too much space and it is kind of discret, which is very good in this particular bedroom. The seat in the bathroom with all the bath things just makes me want to shower… It definitely adds a personal touch, and scent too. I mean who likes a smelly bathroom?

van_forside-_K3uw8021eI-whm1Ea42XQvan_hasselt_0017-olzsffMcBV8q_8tWuUuTiQvan_hasselt_0021-lTbM2znl_4Ge1ZYcKVqv1Qvan_hasselt_0038-suC5C44RRlvGfXiD2R_QTAvan_hasselt_0002-AvvVLrZRQZpkJzxqUVzAiAvan_hasselt_0023-zbHQBwXVApo0UesMbqYS3wvan_hasselt_0026-ODR7OEiVZUGlpbS0ZInw3Qvan_hasselt_0027-G-SSWUmiXFq7It3YE5VheQvan_hasselt_0022-ES82UhTgHHZOvJXGajW_GQvan_hasselt_0034-5OmSiDHqsIWiR4ZEYvpvBg Photography: Morten Holtum Via: Bo Bedre

2 thoughts on “Pale & Sleek Nordic House

  • October 7, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Love the design of this home.
    As a fan of monochrome and neutrals the colour palette is just superb!

    • October 8, 2015 at 6:25 pm

      Thank you Liam, I also loved it a lot, and that is why i made an article about it.
      Your blog is superb too by the way.
      Thank you for stopping by!


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