Last Minute New Year Party Guide


I can’t even tell you how much important guests are! They’re the “heart” of the party. Depending on the peeps you invite the party will flow with them. Invite interesting, social an lively persons, and trust me, the party is like half done!


Plan the food and drinks

One of the most important things. Food and drinks keeps people entertained and they start to feel good in your place. Offer food and drinks as soon as enter through the door. Make sure you have the bar full and well decorated. There you can also have a little diy zone with cocktail recipes where they can make their own. Do simple but tasty recipes, like mozzarella cheese balls. Remember that you also don’t want to spend days in the kitchen.



Well, what are you going to do with so many people? The answer? Keep them entertained. As I said preveously the social guests play a big role here because they’ll talk to everyone. First have the TV turned on but with very low volume and keep the remote in sight of everyone just in case if they want to change channel or something. If you have a game console what are you waiting for? Make use of it! Don’t forget that board games are always a good idea! Who doens’t like to play Monopoly or even Twister!?


Setting up the mood

In most places is Winter, so make it feel like it. If you have a fireplace turn it on, if not you can always buy fireplace scented candles, wich leads me to the next topic, candles! Have burning candles, literally one in every corner. And don’t forget to have blanckets. They are such a must have. Have a music playlist specially for this party.



You can buy, or do them. If you’re feeling artsy seach for diy decorations on pinterest and I’m sure you’ll find tons of them. Little ornaments for drinks, extra lighting, fresh flowers, centerpieces, matching plates, cutlery and napkins.


Photo booth

This is such an awsome idea, and actually super easy to do. All you need is a cool background and a place to put your camera (or you can ask for someone to take the picture for you). Print some acessories like a mustache, glasses, lips etc and glue it to a stick. It is cute, super funny and creates memories. TIP: you can print out some pictures and give one to each of your guests as a little party gift, they’ll love it.



Have extra seats. Use things that are easy to clean and have the garbage bags empty. Make sure your place is tidy and functional. There is not jus you in this party and people will need to circulate trought the house.

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