Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont Contemporary Living Room

First of all, this hotel is literally an award winner!

This hotel in Rougemont, Switzerland is a 2015 A’ Design Award winner! You know it’s good when it’s a winner… One thing I quickly noticed when I saw this hotel was the excessive use of wood, but I got to say that the wood brings it all in and makes the place feel a lot cozier! Especially in a cold area like this one. The lounge area is so appetizing. I just want to go there, seat in those gorgeous sofas, have a cup of hot chocolate and talk to my friends while I watch the snow fall outside… Another thing I quickly noticed was that huge and stunning chandelier.

The restaurant also seems so accommodating, especially with the fireplaces. It feels like it is one of those places were you have personal talks with your close friends and family. Not to mention that any picture of food on those tables would definitely go to Instagram.

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont Contemporary Restaurant and Dinner Room

And now, the most important part of hotels. Yes, the bedroom! They all kind of have the same color pallet, but they sure are different! And again, so comfy… I’ve lost count on how many times I said this hotel was super comfy… But its so true! Plus the chess pattern on the blankets makes it even more cozier! By the way, I can’t forget about those headboards, neither the bathroom! The faucet carved in the dark stone is superb!

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont Contemporary Bedroom with wood/timberAward Winner Hotel In Rougemont. Contemporary Bathroom with dark Marble

Above the pool is a stripe of windows that allow the sunlight to come in and reflect on the water. And then at night we have another stripe of light. It really transmits kind of a sleek and modern feel to me. But when you see it all together it definitely has a contemporary style.

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont. Contemporary Pool Area


Since I felt so attracted to it, I decided to interview the designers, Andrea Proto & Claudia Sigismondi:


  • The hotel has a lot of wood. What drew you to working with mainly wood?

Our brief from the hotel owners was to transform the existing building into a contemporary boutique hotel, with a discreet sense of luxury and a cozy atmosphere.

The choice of materials had to enhance the concept of authenticity, so most materials, such as timber and stone, belong to the local tradition.

Large portions of walls and ceilings have been covered in reclaimed lumber from old Swiss chalets, but their setting has been reinvented. The clean shapes of contemporary design gain life and charm from the rich texture of aged reclaimed wood, and the contrast between the pureness of the lines and the rustic irregularity of the timber, conveys a natural and sophisticated effect to the coatings.

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont. Contemporary Bedroom with wood/timber


  • What are the key features you’ve introduced?

We searched for a contemporary yet timeless style that could reflect and celebrate the authentic charm of Rougemont and the untamed beauty of its landscape, and we added some twist to it, by combining the traditional materials and elements with more innovative solutions and contemporary details.

The palette of colors is mainly based on natural, earthy and sandy tones, the rough-textured textures add some interest and are related to the rough surfaces of the mountains outside; the dark stone accents and some metal glitter help to break the uniformity; the presence of glass and mirrored surfaces add some lightness and transparency and recall the closeness to the sky and to the water of the Alpine lakes and rivers.

The harmony between natural and artificial is the key to the philosophy of the project: our previous multidisciplinary experiences have helped us to have a more open approach in the use of space, light and materials.

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont. Contemporary Lounge and Living Room Area


  • Did you had a vision of what you were going to do the first time you saw the space?

The Hotel was an existing building, a new annex for the Residences has been built and new areas have been added, but for the hotel rooms our concept had to fit to the size and height of the previous rooms, so we had to find solutions that could improve the perception of the space itself.

In our intent of increasing the sense of space, we conceived each room as a unit, each one with different features. The 33 rooms have 17 different interior layouts, we customized the design to offer tailor made solutions to each one.

Our first and greatest challenge was the concept of the standard room, which was the smallest. We imagined it as a wooden box, opened on a side to the exterior landscape, and we placed a mirrored glass cube, the shower box, in the middle of the space: its presence would have started a series of multiple reflections, a visual link between the indoors and the outdoors, enhancing the sense of well-being in accordance with nature.

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont. Contemporary Bedroom with Mirror Wall


  • What inspired you the most in this project?

The Swiss Alps are a region of idyllic beauty and genuine traditions.

The key element of a contemproary Alpine hotel is the connection between the interior space and the landscape outside: this link can turn the stay in a hotel into an inspirational experience of authenticity, a place where the guests can relax and enjoy the sense of well-being of a  holiday in the mountains.

Being inspired from the surrounding nature and from the local traditional architecture of the chalets,  the interiors had to provide a harmonious combination of old and new, for a modern yet warm reinterpretation of the alpine chic.

Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont.


  • What is the style of this hotel?

We aimed to a style blending timeless elegance and modern luxury, combining sustainable materials and traditional craftsmanship with innovative design solutions and creative decor.

The contemporary Alpine resorts  are conceived to fulfill the desires and expectations of international and sophisticated travelers, so the interiors something new and up-to-date in order to meet the needs and expectations of Gstaad’s clientele.

The overall atmosphere had to be stylish yet relaxed: the contemporary touches were paired up with traditional elements and materials.Unexpected pieces of artwork and photography, decorative accent lighting, design furnitures and custom made pieces added interest and a twist of surprise to the interiors and to the overall experience.


Award Winner Hotel In Rougemont. Contemporary Chic Bar.


  • Timeline:

Spring 2012 Start of the interior design project;

December 2012 the Mockup room was completed and its concept approved;

December 2013  the private Residences were completed;

December 2014 Opening of the Hotel


Images by: PlusDesign


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