Architect’s Minimalist Home

This building you are about to see was an old factory that used to be a floor and a half. Yeah, and a half! The current owner and architect William Drew raised the height because the ceiling was so low you had to duck your head at the top of the stairs to crawl into bed. He had quite a chalange doing it because the original foundations weren’t supposed to support that amount of weight. William tried to retain as much as he could of the building, and in areas that he couldn’t (like the roof) he tried recycle. This home has quite an industrial look. How much I love the second floor balcony! I can’t even… But in a home like this, texture is key. Why do you think that the shell wall-hanging was right there near the stairs? The plates that he used on the timber table also have texture such as the brick wall. Make some objects, colors or textures stand out. But don’t over do it! Take this house as an example. This architect defenitely knows what he is doing, not only in term of architecture, but also in interior design.
By the way, William is the one on the last photo sitting on that gourgeous timber table (I want it so badly).





bedroom-white-built-in-wardrobe-aug15-20150722164810-q75,dx1920y-u1r1g0    white-bathroom-small-concrete-aug15-20150722164626-q75,dx1920y-u1r1g0  spiral-staircase-exposed-bricks-white-aug15-20150722164651-q75,dx1920y-u1r1g0 outdoor-rooftop-garden-aug15-20150722164716-q75,dx1920y-u1r1g0


Via: InsideOut   Photographer: Felix Forest   Stylist: Claire Delmar

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