9 Reasons Why the Bed is the Focal Point in your Bedroom

Hello my delightful readers! Most of us commit the huge mistake of highlighting other places of our bedrooms instead of our bed. The truth is, it may be a little confusing to our brains and sometimes it doesn’t create that beautiful harmony we should all have in order to have a bedroom full of “good vibes”. But I’m here to help. Here you have 9 reasons why the bed is the focal point in your bedroom. And this means that you should always keep it presentable!


1- It has the word bed in it. Bed-room = the room of the bed

You didn’t tought it was called bedroom for no reason did you? An entire section and space of your house devoted only to your bed. It really must be a huge thing. And it deserves the right amount of attention! So give it to it. It’s not that hard or expensive. Be creative, think outside the box, or even go to Pinterest to find some cool ideas or inspiration (I’m sure you’ll find tons of it). Just turn them into real ideas that you are going to use in your own bed. It can also be a super fun experience.

2- When your bed is not made your room looks messy and disorganized

#TrueStory you guys! Whenever my bed is not made my bedroom always look so messy and disorganized… And you know that the space that surrounds me as a big influence in me. Even in my mind and well being. So I have to made it ride away! Then yes, I do feel creative and with energy. Ready to start working on whatever I am doing at the moment. Even if it’s just to check emails. But if you feel the same pain, you might want to read this post.

3- It’s the essential object in the bedroom

Where else would you sleep in? The floor? I don’t think so… Well of course it’s the essential object honey… would you sleep on the floor? I don’t think so…

4- Probabily the largest/biggest object in your bedroom

I know what you are thinking right now… UH!? Wardrobe? But no. It’s the largest object, visually! And normally wardrobes are leaning on walls so the bed is the thing that pops to you and say: “Yo! Look at meh!” Mainly at night when everything you want to do is to have a good night of sleep.

5- What you use the most / spend more time in

I’m sure you already know this. You sleep in there! For hours! Not even counting the hours you spend there watching Netflix. Yeah, I know you do it, don’t deny… Didn’t someone said that we need to give attention to what we use the most? Do it.

6- Where “the magic” happens

Pretty self-explanatory, not going to add further detail…

7-  Usually the first thing people look at

Imagine yourself walking into a new bedroom for the first time. Whats the first thing you look at? You gessed it. The bed! And guess what else. Other people are just like you! When they enter to your bedroom (especially the first time), BAM! Eyes instantly looked to the bed. I even start to think that it is a human refelect.

8-  It can be/is the most ornamented zone in your bedroom

Blankets, pillows… There is so much stuff that could go on your bed. Of course it can’t pass unoticed! There’s so much action… so much textures, colors and sometimes even patterns. A lot to choose from. So many options, for every style. Invest a bit. It also works to improve your comfort. Put them in your back or even in your head and you’ll be in haven in seconds without leaving your bed.


9- The popularity of Headboards

This is kind of more like a proof of my point of view. More and more people are adding headboards to their beds and it is such a big topic on Pinterest right now. Especially the DIY ones (let me know in the coments if you’d like to see an article about that). Plus, have you ever stayed at an hotel that didn’t had headboards? They usually do it right. That’s why we want to stay there for the rest of our lifes.


What do you think of my reasons? Is your bed the focal point of your bedroom already? What have you done to draw attention to it? Well hope I’ve helped you today. Bye guys and work on your beds. Literally!

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