5 Steps for a Clean and Organized Desk

Having a clean and organized desk is not as hard as you think. I’m a super “enviromental” person. I tend to adapt the feeling of a certain space. I can’t get anything done in my room if the bed isn’t made or if the room is messy. So I try to keep it all cleaned and organized. The result? I do feel a lot more energized, creative and even discerning. And a proof of that is this post I made 9 Reasons Why the Bed is the Focal Point in Your Bedroom. Contuning, we all have desks and they all (unfortunatelly) get messy and clutered. But don’t feel bad or discouraged by it. I got yo’ back!

Here are 5 simple steps for a clean and organized desk:

Step1: Remove everything from the desk

Start from the left to the right so you don’t lose focus. If your desk has drawers you can aproveitar and take everything out of there too. And remember, music makes it a lot more pleasent experience.

Step2: Clean it

Use an all purpose cleaner and a clean cloth (make sure you are using the right product). As I said above, if you have drawers clean them too. Don’t forget to clean the stuff that you’ll put on top of it, otherwise you’d be dirtying what you have just cleaned.

Step3: Get rid of everything you don’t need

Yes, we all have a little of a hoarderer inside of us, but don’t let it overtop your organized side. We all have a lot of papers that we probabilly won’t need, and most of them may be the taxes you already paid or some mail you’ve already read. See everything you’ve taken out of the desk and guet rid of the stuff you don’t need or you’re not going to use again.


Step4: Create a desk map

Yep! I know this sounds a bit nedy or organizations freak, but trust me (I’ve done it) it results. You can put everything back in place just like in your map. Just keep it simple, and remember that the desk is a place to work and not a place where you can storage things.


Step5: Make it happen

Put everything in your like just like in your map. We don’t want useless stuff. Now that you have a clean and organized desk try to keep it that way. Remember, in case of doubt just look at the map. I know this sounds a bit “nerdy” in the beginning but it will so much helpful I can’t even tell you!


I told you it wasn’t that difficult. I am the living proof that this method works. Did it helped you? Do you now have the perfect workspace or even better… Are you now an organization freak? (I kinda am… opps) Don’t forget to tell me in the comments and to follow me on social media.

Happy Cleaning! 😉

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